Three More Symptoms of Translator’s Dementia (Dementia Translatoris, TD)

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It has been known for several years now that bilingualism and multilingualism delays the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. This undeniable fact has been borne out in several studies in Canada, India and elsewhere.

Unfortunately, scientists have overlooked what could be called a side effect of this positive and highly desirable development in a bilingual or multilingual brain, namely that at the same time, bilingualism and multilingualism may cause early onset of a special kind of dementia that occurs only among translators, called translator’s dementia (TD, dementia translatoris).

Some of these largely undetected symptoms are in full evidence in useless and counterproductive complaints encountered daily on social media and sometime also on blogs of translators.

Here is a taste of some of these complaints, which clearly represent additional symptoms of translator’s dementia.

1.         The Bastards Want To Pay Us Peanuts – How Dare They To Offer Such Low Rates?

Every day…

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