Translator’s Dementia (TD) – What It Is and How To Recognize the Signs

Translator’s Dementia, make up! (Bishoujo Senshi – Sailor Moon

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Translator’s dementia (TD, dementia translatoris) is a relatively recent neurodegenerative disorder, believed to be caused by the environment in which freelance translators are forced to live, and by the conditions under which they have to perform various tasks required in their solitary occupation.

A typical freelance translator works in a “home office”, which is usually located in a hot and dusty attic, in a converted garage, or in a cold, damp and dark basement because s/he cannot really afford a sunny room with a view on blue ocean in a gorgeous house, which does not help things much. True, some translators have one or several additional rooms in their apartment or house, but those are usually occupied by family members who obviously need a healthier living environment than a mere translator. However, partly as a result of their stressful occupation, many if not most translators have no family, which again…

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