• November • How time flies!

Hello beautiful people!

How are you? Just half a month has already passed by. How time flies! 

I’ve just found out that I didn’t publish my “Hello, November” picture. So, here it is! 


Hello, November! Please, be good.

Have a great day!


Cities from all over the world

How wonderful cities from all over the world are called.

Los Angeles: the City of Angels
Dubai: the City of Gold
New York: the City that Never Sleeps
London: the Old Smoke
Paris: the City of Love
Rome: the Eternal City
Reykjavik: Smoky Bay
Amsterdam: the Venice of the North




based on images shared on tumblr by mycroftly
reposted by me on tumblr musing of a translator

Bedtime Story.




I do like the way this word is spelt.
B+E+D: headBoard, mattrEss and footboarD.


[Repost] The 12 Types of Procrastinators (by Neha Prakash – pic by Angela Liao)

Original post by Neha Prakash on mashable.com


Greetings, fellow procrastinators. You’ve clearly stumbled across this comic because you’re avoiding something — unless you are perhaps a comics analyst. In that case, good job staying on track.

Procrastination is nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone does it, but we each have a unique way of pushing off work to maximize time wasted.

In this comic, Angela Liao of 20px identifies the 12 types of procrastinators, including list-makers, nappers and snackers.



Which type of procrastinator are you?

Comic illustration by Angela Liao, 20px. Published with permission; all rights reserved.


Busy week.


Friday always comes TOO late.
Fridays always come TOO late.
Thank you MELTTraduzioni per la dritta sulla bravissima artista Gemma Correll. 😉