Happy birthday, dear LOVE YOUR TRANSLATOR community!

I’m a little bit late, I’m sorry!!
I’ve been very busy, but I wanted to share this wonderful post with all my followers and the people surfing the Internet who will land on my page. 🙂
Happy birthday LYT community! Happy birthday translators and language maniacs out there.
Thank you Anja & Marie for giving us this great chance to spread the word. 🙂


Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday, dear LOVE YOUR TRANSLATOR community

We are celebrating one year of sticker bombing for increased appreciation of professional translators’ and interpreters work!
Only one year ago, a small yet enthusiastic group of people began tagging their cities with stickers inviting people to LOVE YOUR TRANSLATOR. Since then, this small group has grown into a large and lively community.

We have also received many wonderful messages with great feedback and new ideas on how to make the most of LYT, which we appreciate very much. That’s why we are particularly proud to present two birthday specials available now:
1. We’re giving away 1000 LOVE YOUR INTERPRETER stickers (Ask for your LYI stickers here!) for those of you who consider themselves interpreters rather than translators.
2. LYT tote bags are now available at our new Spreadshirt shop (LYT Spreadshirt Shop). (Pssst: Please let us know if…

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Professional Freelance Creative Linguist • a Logophile Architect: I build bridges w/ words • Translator, Proofreader, Editor, Content Creator, Language Consultant, and Teacher • Working languages: Italian (mothertongue), English, Spanish, and Chinese • IT from and into EN Interpreter • English and grammar lover, social media and tech addict • traveller • Geek • music-aholic • art enthusiast • I love my job, I like keeping my knowledge and skills up to date in order to offer high quality services.


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