What’s in a Brand? Sara Colombo from Sara Colombo Translations

New interesting post about branding ( w/ Sara Colombo )

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Today’s guest is none other than my dear Sara Colombo (aka partner in crime)! Sara is an English, French and Spanish into Italian translator and interpreter, but she also speaks Hebrew and German (how cool is that?). A real passionate at what she does, Sara specializes in Marketing, Business, IT and Health. She runs a very active blog on which she speaks about balance, sports and branding, among many other topics. Oh, and she also wrote a book! When not translating, Sara can be found on Twitter, Facebook or at the gym! Let’s hear what she has to say about branding…


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Professional Freelance Creative Linguist • a Logophile Architect: I build bridges w/ words • Translator, Proofreader, Editor, Content Creator, Language Consultant, and Teacher • Working languages: Italian (mothertongue), English, Spanish, and Chinese • IT from and into EN Interpreter • English and grammar lover, social media and tech addict • traveller • Geek • music-aholic • art enthusiast • I love my job, I like keeping my knowledge and skills up to date in order to offer high quality services.


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