Sometimes They Come Back: Is Eurostreet Seeking Translators or Vu Comprà?



The Eurostreet Società Cooperativa (Via Losana, 13, 13900 – Biella, Italy) is on a new hunting expedition, this time looking for native English speakers it can underpay, undercut, and abuse economically.Their most recent offer, sent in a mass email blast in February 2013 to Italian & English translators culled from a data dump of the Langit City site, is even more reprehensible than usual.

Because “alle volte ci capita di dover rinunciare a lavori importanti perchè non abbiamo abbastanza traduttori di madrelingua Inglese” (“at times, we have to let important projects go because we have too few native-English-speaking translators”), Eurostreet has made a gigantic sacrifice in order to offer … wait for it … 11 lousy Euros per cartella.

But there’s more.

On Planet Eurostreet, a cartella is 1500 keystrokes MINUS THE SPACES. And the offer is BEFORE taxes (which, for Italian freelancers, are now up to around…

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Professional Freelance Creative Linguist • a Logophile Architect: I build bridges w/ words • Translator, Proofreader, Editor, Content Creator, Language Consultant, and Teacher • Working languages: Italian (mothertongue), English, Spanish, and Chinese • IT from and into EN Interpreter • English and grammar lover, social media and tech addict • traveller • Geek • music-aholic • art enthusiast • I love my job, I like keeping my knowledge and skills up to date in order to offer high quality services.


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