Expo 2015 in Milan – La gioia di stare al ribasso!

What’s going on? mmm…. Something went wrong. Yup, it did.

🐵 No Peanuts! for Translators

Expo 2015 arrives in Milan, Italy in late 2015, another fabulous opportunity for Italy to show off its very best for an international audience!

So why do we already think it’s going to be a flop?

logo_expo_In part because the organizers of Expo 2015 have awarded the translation contracts to bottom-feeding agencies in several cities in Europe, including (for Italian to English) to a notorious Italian agency known for its rock-bottom rates, shameful working conditions, indifferent treatment of translators, and leisurely (let’s just say it that way) payment practices.

The agency, which is now madly fishing for translators from its “team,” is offering 4 to 7 cents per word with the expectation that translators will deliver between 50 and 100 cartelle (a page of 1500 characters) in time frames of a maximum of 2-3 days.

Evidently, no one has learned a single thing from the Italia.it / Trust Traduzioni /…

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1 commento su “Expo 2015 in Milan – La gioia di stare al ribasso!”

  1. Our team was very disheartened to read this article. We would like to clarify a few misunderstandings:

    – The EXPO 2015 translation tender has not yet been awarded. (Deadline for submissions: 28.02.2014) We have not yet applied nor submitted price quotes in regards to this tender.
    – The prices quoted and listed in the original EXPO 2015 tender documents are the maximum pricing allowed and are not representative of the competitive pricing required to win a tender.
    – The translation tender business is by nature a very competitive sector. As a company, we accept a significantly lower margin on tenders in order to win the multiple-year contracts with key organizations for a variety of business reasons as do our translators.
    – We pay our translators per word, not per “cartella”, and the rates offered to translators in our tender recruitment process have varied from 0.040 to 0.140 based on the language combinations, relevant subject fields and local market demographics.
    – Our translators tell us how many words they can translate per day and not the other way around.
    – The art of assigning large, rush projects to multiple translators and having a reviser edit for consistency is a “common” not “iffy” practice. It is a business necessity for a variety of projects.

    We are open and honest with translators about the pricing during the tender recruitment process, despite the risk of releasing competitive pricing information to other translation agencies. We have won and lost many tenders based on pricing over the past two years, so we know that our prices are not out-of-line with the current market.

    I would like to ask the author of the article to remove the names of our team members, Debbie and Elena, and replace them with my name and email address, since I am the one who trained and directed them on how to recruit translators for our growing tender business.

    We do not expect to please everyone, but we are in the business to win tenders and, by consequence, provide quality work to our translators at the best possible price.

    If there are translators interested in working with us on tenders, you are welcome to register with us at http://www.translated.net/top and send me an email after your profile has been completed.

    Best regards,
    Dena Hayes
    Director of Business Development
    Tenders Department


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