Sometimes They Come Back: Is Eurostreet Seeking Translators or Vu Comprà?



The Eurostreet Società Cooperativa (Via Losana, 13, 13900 – Biella, Italy) is on a new hunting expedition, this time looking for native English speakers it can underpay, undercut, and abuse economically.Their most recent offer, sent in a mass email blast in February 2013 to Italian & English translators culled from a data dump of the Langit City site, is even more reprehensible than usual.

Because “alle volte ci capita di dover rinunciare a lavori importanti perchè non abbiamo abbastanza traduttori di madrelingua Inglese” (“at times, we have to let important projects go because we have too few native-English-speaking translators”), Eurostreet has made a gigantic sacrifice in order to offer … wait for it … 11 lousy Euros per cartella.

But there’s more.

On Planet Eurostreet, a cartella is 1500 keystrokes MINUS THE SPACES. And the offer is BEFORE taxes (which, for Italian freelancers, are now up to around…

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Expo 2015 in Milan – La gioia di stare al ribasso!

What’s going on? mmm…. Something went wrong. Yup, it did.

🐵 No Peanuts! for Translators

Expo 2015 arrives in Milan, Italy in late 2015, another fabulous opportunity for Italy to show off its very best for an international audience!

So why do we already think it’s going to be a flop?

logo_expo_In part because the organizers of Expo 2015 have awarded the translation contracts to bottom-feeding agencies in several cities in Europe, including (for Italian to English) to a notorious Italian agency known for its rock-bottom rates, shameful working conditions, indifferent treatment of translators, and leisurely (let’s just say it that way) payment practices.

The agency, which is now madly fishing for translators from its “team,” is offering 4 to 7 cents per word with the expectation that translators will deliver between 50 and 100 cartelle (a page of 1500 characters) in time frames of a maximum of 2-3 days.

Evidently, no one has learned a single thing from the / Trust Traduzioni /…

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